Production Cycle

Purchase of Raw Material

Vivekanand Industries is proudly doing this business since 1983. With a huge experience in this business we have developed a unique Production cycle. Each Pod of Seed Cotton that enters our unit is passed through an exceptional process to produce a finest product. Our manufacturing process utilizes the latest technology and we upgrade ourselves by keeping a check on market development.

Our experienced purchase team goes across Gujarat State in Cotton growing areas and personally purchase seed cotton directly from farmers. During this buying process that check the necessary aspect of seed cotton like Mic, strength, length, moisture to ensure the quality. After the physical checking, the cotton is loaded in covered truck and sent to our different group of companies which are located in different parts of Gujarat.

Ginning and Pressing

When trucks arrives at ginning mill, different samples of cotton are collected and checked again for quality assurance, for which Mic testing and Moisture testing machines are used. In first stage cotton passes through Stone Catcher machine and then moved on to Kodi cleaner and Cyclone machine where bad content (kodis) and short fibers are removed from seed cotton. After that Conveying system moves seed cotton (Kapas) to double roller Ginning machine where it separates raw cotton and cotton seed from the seed cotton (Kapas). Further High Efficiency blower and Air separator machine cleans the raw cotton. All the alien waste materials are removed from cotton for the second time to maintain the premium quality in Super Cleaner. The cotton finally reaches the Press Machine in order to get pressed in bales. These pressed bales are then sent off to our well facilitated warehouse for proper storage.


All above this Vivekanand Industries personally gives seminars to farmers on Agriculture development. This education and guideline given by professionals, gives farmer a better knowledge & idea to produce better cotton.